In our daily work as lawyers , we are defending people , whether innocent , guilty, denounced, accusing other processes , people suspected of a crime . We believe that when a citizen is injured by others, Law gives the opportunity to denounce those who infringe upon or violate your rights , we judicially intervene in your defense. And at the same time , in another position we defend those who are denounced or accused for allegedly committing a crime or offense, whether , as alleged perpetrators or accomplices, reminding a maxim in law, " until it is proven otherwise all person is innocent "and yet still guilty , the law also gives you a right to be defended . This demonstrated that in any situation you need a lawyer to defend their rights, whether guilty or innocent, a good defense is required. Even more, for example, we have the case of a citizen arrested by a failed alcohol breath test, condemned ban on driving license, and six months after having a judgment which has a complaint of ill -treatment , emphasizing that have criminal records , and suppose you are a foreigner and have to renew your green card, his family : wife and children depend on it for a family reunion, have a mortgage on the flat , where only the husband works . Not only need a Criminal Lawyer in expertise but also Immigration Attorneys and Administrative Law. What we do in our room, apart from the appropriate defense, not to mention the circumstances of whether the customer is abroad and defend in all areas to be found injured .