About Us

This Law Firm was established in 2002, after to finish my Master Degree in Criminal Law at the University of Barcelona and the University Pompeu Fabra , I decided to homologate my law degree from Spain , which I had studied in Venezuela , Law . Approving the oral exam and after studying almost all the career program , obtaining my approval , at the time while waiting for response from the Ministry of Education, I studied legal practice in the illustrous Lawyer Association of Barcelona for a year and a half and ever said, ” I will work in Spain on my own Firm”.

So I decided to open a multidisciplinary Law Office and since I have been working as a lawyer and Director of this in Barcelona City with a team of specialists in their legal departments , practicing lawyers and with the help of my teachers gave me support and even today continue working. Initially and every business was not easy but a client recommended this one and turn to another , creating our own Client Portfolio , from that moment we are there , trusting in our work.
From the beginning I have been concerned to resolve any problem our clients , without distinguishing between their profession , nationality, social class, and I always say to contributors : ” First, the client and the client, and second to inform the viability of each case or what is recommended due to all the cases are similar and clients come to us if your friend and your situation may be similar but not the same . ”
We advise legally for example: from a criminal case for a crime of domestic violence abuse, even if after the client wants to divorce, then, if he /she worked in a company and get fired as their situation is , then if you wish to start your own business if you want to raise capital , you need to regularize your workers or hire a foreign national applying corresponding residence card or file a lawsuit against the administration to be an error in a denial card , Do a name change on a purchase sale of vehicle, make the statement of income, also we advise if they want to bring their families or tourists reside in Spain , in conclusion, a large kind of procedures .
Nowadays, after more than 10 years in the practice of this proud profession of being where we are and trust that we have received from our clients and the support of all partners in this project because without each of them this would not have been possible.
Being forever grateful to you ,

Attorney Mirla Angulo

Team of Professionals

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